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Vittra Telefonplan
January 27, 2012, 7:47 pm
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Vittra Telefonplan

via Rosan Bosch

“How do you create a school without any walls? In the 30 schools of the swedish free school organisation Vittra there are no classes or classrooms – instead, the students are taught in groups according to level based on the school’s pedagogical principles of ’the wateringhole’, ’the show-off’, ’the cave’, ’the campfire’ and ’the laboratory’ – didactic approaches that create different types of learning and teaching situations. In Vittra, they do not believe in regular classes and the school organisation’s vision is to create an everyday for the individual students where individual development, a living cultural work and challenging learning environments are most important.”

— Rosan Bosch

Rethinking Education

Imagine going to a school without classes and having a MacBook permanently attached to your fingertips. This proposal for a school system in Sweden seems like a great development in elementary pedagogy. The focus on creating stimulating environments and individualized education are values that the United States should incorporate into their public education system.

When I visited my Little Sister at her elementary school, I recalled of the strict and generalized public education that I received (as well as the terrible hot lunches that were 20% consumed/80% thrown out). It seems strange now to see children raising their hands to ask to use the restroom or arbitrarily told not to doodle on papers. As each student learns in different ways and paces, it seems intuitive to create education systems that optimize growth and potential in individuals. Instead of encouraging students to memorize and repeat, kids should be taught to constantly question, understand and break rules, especially in the public education system, where many students rely solely on their government provided teachers for an education. Fostering an inquisitive mind will lead to growth in technology and a rise in entrepreneurship two fields (of many) that can create positive change in the real world.


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