Life in Wanderlust

Back Again
November 12, 2011, 8:41 am
Filed under: Thoughts

Moving back home after college is quite a change. Especially if the home is one you never grew up in. My parents moved to a different state while I was a senior is high school, so I ended up finishing up school with no parental supervision! But this has also meant that I am now living in a town of 12,000 in Indiana with no friends, no job, and lots of time to ponder life with myself. I liken the experience to that of a small bird that was pushed out of its nest, encouraged to fly, only to be recaptured in an antique cage. But don’t you worry, I am planning an escape! (hint: hopefully to a place that will keep the doctor away aka a large fruit).

I’ve decided to start this blog to re-visit some of my best adventures and to dream up new ones, to have a place to continue developing my writing, and to provide some sort of catharsis for my post-graduate life. I am an idealist at heart, full of metaphors, and have too much time on my hands.


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